An End of an Era.

It's time. It's finally time to come to an end.

So yesterday was the 4th year anniversary of my blog woohoo! I'm so proud of myself for blogging 4 years ago to share my voice for all to see (well read lol).

Not only has it boosted my confidence but it allowed me to share a lot of my fears, challenges, trials and tribulations with you all. However, I also shared all my wins and successes which I will treasure close to my heart.

SO... this being said, it's FINALLY time to say goodbye.

I've been going back and forth about my blog and I've realised that my time blogging has come to an end. Most of you guys know that I'm focusing my energy on vlogging now and my blog has just slowly been catching dust (which I keep trying to revive but it's done out here). I personally believe that blogging is a dying art form and I'm trying to keep up with today's digital age - lol.

I feel like the content that I have put out throughout the years has been better than what I ever expected. I hope you guys who have been here through this journey with me can understand why I've decided to come to this decision.

FEAR NOT! My blog and my facebook page will not be deleted so you can still re-read and share my posts however you wish! Make sure to keep up to date with me on YouTube from now on as that's where you'll catch me (subscribe if you haven't already):

Love x

"It's better to burn out than to fade away."

T ❤️

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