Let's Talk About: Music Therapy.

Just something new I'd like to try out.

When stressed (or sad, emotional, happy, angry etc..) I always turn to music. Lately, I've started to think that this is connected to something deeper. Why is it music makes us feel better on any occasion? For me, I use it to block out all my inner thoughts and to shut the world out. I only want to focus on the music. I turn up the volume and just drown myself in various artists. I listen to different genres for the different moods that I'm in. I tend to focus on the following four: Gospel, Musicals, Instrumentals and mixes of chart, urban and r&b music (and a lot of Disney).

Gospel Music is something I listen to on a weekly basis. I love gospel music because I can relate to the words that are being sung by the various artists I listen too. It's another way of me connecting to God as I'm able to talk to him through music. Singing to God through gospel songs is another form of prayer for me. I know he hears me when I do so. With gospel music, this is also a form of healing. It's the only genre of music that can stop me crying. I can't tell you why that is but it works. It's like I can feel the music telling me that all will be okay. Like I really feel it in my heart.

Musicals. Ah, where do I begin? IF YOU KNOW ME MUSICALS ARE MY THING. I don't even have much to say about this. I love the theatre so I'm always listening to musicals from the shows that I've watched or the shows that I'm planning to watch (currently I'm writing this blog post to the original London cast recording of Dreamgirls!). This type of music just makes me happy, like ALL the time.

Instrumentals are so useful when I'm reading. Yes, your girl reads (it's on my vision board this year to read more and so far I'm doing well). Sometimes I need to focus and I can't do that when singing along to songs. I try to find piano instrumentals which are themed around peace and sleep. I have to listen to something that allows me to hear the melody and my own thoughts at the same time. I tried it with blogging but for some reason, it just doesn't work. When I hear other people singing it enables me to write so if I'm just listening to instrumentals I'm too lost in my own train of thought to write about the subject that I'm bringing to light for you guys. Right now, I'm trying to incorporate listening to instrumentals whilst meditating. Something new for 2019 which I'll update you guys on soon.

Music Mix. Now, this is the only part of me that can relate to others. The last three genres are quite specific so it is beneficial that I still listen to chart music and other genres that people listen to on a daily basis. There's not much to talk about this category. I like to keep up to the latest trends and that's that basically. I threw Disney in here as I didn't want it to get lost being beside musicals. I love all things Disney and can tell you any Disney song if you played out the first 10-20 seconds. Test me, I dare you!

So what was the purpose of this blog post? Well with all the different genres of music that I listen too, I want to know how it affects my moods. I want to see how different songs make me feel. Not every track will be therapeutic to me and I'm looking to find out why. Ideally, the goal is to create mulitple playlists that help me when I'm down, angry or stressed. Hopefully, it works out. Check in with me soon!

"I think music in itself is healing. It’s something we are all touched by."

T ❤️

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