I want to delete Social Media but I can't.

Oh, the irony of this blog post being posted on social media.

If you know me well, you’d put Social Media to my name. Now, be wise... this doesn’t mean that I’m obsessed with it but instead it means I know my way around it. Whilst at university I decided that I wanted to work in social media instead of pursuing a career in photography like my peers were doing. Now I wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted to work or what I wanted to do but all I knew was that if it had anything to do with social media it already had my heart. Fortunately for me, I was able to land a job right after finishing uni which was working in Communications and Marketing. 9 months later I realised that this wasn’t for me and I quit that job. However, I took a lot from that role and gained so much knowledge within that timeframe that I now use on a day-to-day basis.

Now, what is my reason for wanting to delete my accounts? It’s simple. I’m tired of living my life online. I’m fed up of having FOMO when browsing on Instagram. I’m so over using filters on Snapchat. I shouldn’t have to get all my news directly from Twitter. I can go on and on. I would just love to close down all my accounts and only be reachable via texts, phone calls or FaceTime. All this screentime is doing my head in and frankly, I’ve had enough. Now you ask “Okay so why haven’t you done it?”. Well, the answer to that questions is... my job. I work in with the youth media team which utilises social media accounts to source young people to join our programmes. Plus with my programme that I work directly on, a lot of people contact me through my online accounts which saves me from giving out my number. Which I hate doing.

It sounds so simple, but it isn’t. Maybe one day it could be but for now, I just need to minimise the time that I spend online. If you’re an iPhone user (it’s 2019 iPhone is really the way forward) they’ve added a feature called screentime in which you are able to give yourself downtime by setting limits on your apps. I find it quite handy, especially just before I go to bed as I have a habit of scrolling aimlessly through Instagram and next thing I know I'm up way later than expected. Don't worry this isn't a sponsored post, I genuinely use this feature on my iPhone.

Aren’t we all fed up with trying to compete with each other online? Fighting for likes on Instagram and retweets on Twitter. It’s very toxic and unfortunately, this has become our new normal. I guarantee if we had an online lockdown for 24hrs people genuinely wouldn’t cope. Generations are starting to grow up with social media being apart of their lives from a young age and not realising that there’s more to life from what you see online. Maybe it’s just me who feels like this? Hopefully, it's not. It’s a problem and I’d like to address it. I hope I’m being loud for a lot of people and I’m shaking the table because your table requires to be shaken. Again, I pray that 2019 brings a change to my phone habits as I’m continuing my motto of doing more which means staying offline.

"Offline is the new luxury."

T ❤️

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