2019: The year of food.

Yeah, that's right I like to eat.

Yeah, so this pretty much sums up what I want to say. 2019 is the year that I want to try more foods and I WILL follow through with this. I know that this sounds pretty simple, but for someone like me who is such a picky eater, I tend to eat the same meals all the time. Whenever I go out, I always order the same thing if I've been to that restaurant before. I like to enjoy my food and the thought of trying something new and potentially not liking it just puts me off of going out and wasting my money.

Well, this stops today (technically it stopped on January 1st). I made a promise to myself that I was going to try out new restaurants and new foods which so far I have done... twice! Both of those outings have been successful and I hope that this trend continues because eating out ain't cheap and I'm realllllllllllllllllly trying to save my coins this year but I also want to eat good so there's that dilemma.

I hope that this helps me break my issues with food and allows my palate to try new things. I'm so restrictive and dismissive when it comes to eating but making myself say yes to foods that I would always say no too will be a challenge. However, I'm ready to break this. I don't know where this issue stemmed for and why I seek comfort in what I've already tried before but due to this, I'm missing out on a lot. Whew, by fire by force this will change.

Anyway, that's it really. Wish me luck on my new journey of eating. In all seriousness, this is something that is a big-ish thing in my life. If you know me well you would have noticed this and if you don't this is your wake up call to help me out with this also. Friends, family, colleagues please introduce me to new foods and make sure that I'm willing to try them. Thanks in advance.

"Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Life is so endlessly delicious"

T ❤️

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