Regaining My Security.

I doubt you would get from that title that I now have a job again 😅.

Yes, I'm employed once again and I thought that I would quickly just update you guys with what happened and how I've landed this amazing job.

So this was supposed to come out AGES AGO (like 2 weeks into September, sue me peeps) but now that I'm a working gal again blog posts are going to be a bit here or there so deal with it. So yes, I'm employed once again and I am SO EXCITED WITH THE NEW ROLE I HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH. I won't go on in this post as a video will come out on my YouTube channel (she says, she hopes, she wishes and she prays).

I have a fantastic new job in the media industry - which is all I've ever wanted. I just want to take the time out and say thank you to the big guy upstairs, God. Without my trust and faith in him, this wouldn't have been possible. I went through almost 4 tough months of unemployment but now I'm back in the world of work and I'm enjoying every second of it. As I said, this blog post won't do a lot of justice on showcasing how excited I'm am in this new role so please make sure to look out for my video.

It feels amazing to let this out and share it with you all however if you follow me on my socials you would have seen this life update quite a while ago. I feel like I've already settled in very fast and the role feels very second nature to me. I love what I do, I'm out an about and enjoying every minute of it. As I stated, I'll go into more detail about how it's going via YouTube. I just wanted to be present on my blog haha.

I'M STILL HERE I PROMISE. I just don't have the time to batch blog like I used too and finding time to write has proved impossible lately. No excuses though, I'm going to keep trying my hardest to be posting here as much as possible. I really can't promise once a week but hey never say never.

"Think positive and positive things will happen."

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