Shoot Your Shot Innit.

It's 2018 and people aren't shooting their shot? Madness.

It's weird to think that we used to live in a day and age where the "alpha male" thought that girls couldn't ask a guy out. Now, as generations have evolved it's nice to see guys encourage girls to make the first move and I'm here to preach more about it! We deserve all this praise tbh.

Girls have as much right as guys to make the first move. It's not even the matter of having the right. It's all about doing it and seeing if the guy you are feeling accepts it. Lads (some not all) - why does it bruise your ego when a girl takes charge and makes moves? Can someone explain? Do you feel that 'as a man' it is your role to ask a girl out on a date? Like who made this rule, I just wanna chat 👀.

With the way that life is changing as much as it has done, it's normal now, however, some girls are still afraid to take the first step. Sis why? Do your thing! We all know that the majority of girls are more likely to gain a yes from a guy. Guys like confidence, they like it when a girl takes charge or takes the lead. So I think it's best for us to start listening to their advice and jump the gun with this.

It's interesting to know that this is a real-life topic to discuss with both genders. Not too sure what made me have a gander at it, but I thought it was worth my time. The phrase 'Shoot Your Shot' has been highlighted all over my Twitter TL, so it just made sense to bring it up. What are your thoughts? 

"The first step is you have to say that you can."

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