Summer B or Winter G?

You know what, I've never met anyone who has the wardrobe for both?

I will tell you now, I am an Autumn/Winter girl for sure. With autumn and winter in the UK, this weather is basically the same all year around so it's way easier to secure a wardrobe that tailors to this weather. Summer isn't as easy. To say that I have a summer wardrobe is a lie. I never buy anything for summer as it usually comes around once in a blue moon. HOWEVER, this summer I have really suffered as I have nothing to wear. I'm usually in my pyjamas as the struggle is that real.

Don't get me wrong, I love my winter wardrobe. I love all the boots I have, the skirts and tights combos and my longline camel jacket. When I put a look together for the winter, I'm ready for anything. Whereas with summer I'm just too hot to even bother putting together a look. It's too much effort looking for something that won't show any sweat patches, that is comfortable to wear and also looks good. You usually succeed with one out of three of those things (which is better than none of them).

The sun this summer has been something else. I'm happy that we got to experience a sunny summer this year, but autumn season is fast approaching and I am very excited to change up my looks. I love to dress up for winter... Is that weird? The outfit combinations that I have pending is too much. Maybe I shouldn't talk too much because then I need to actually come through with all these outfit looks (lol).

So the real question I needed to ask you guys is which do you prefer: Summer or Winter? I need to know who agrees with me and who doesn't - thanks!

"No matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine."

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