Sleep, Dream, Remember.

What if our dreams were events that were supposed to happen in our lives?

Okay, so that is quite a statement from me but tell me you haven't thought that at least once in your life?

I haven't voiced this topic as much as I wanted to, but if you know me then sleep is a big thing in my life. I hate interrupted nights of sleep and I hate the fact that it takes me AGES to fall asleep. Massive pet peeves in my life. Anyway, apart from this, I love my sleep and the dreams that come with it.

I always wake up and remember exactly what happens in my dreams and half the time I can't believe some of the things I've "seen". Then 5 mins later I've forgotten the whole thing. How does that even happen?? It's so frustrating hence the nature of this blog post. Do you ever have such a dream that you need to share it with your loved ones? It's a shame that we forget them so easily.

I always tell myself that I'll write down a dream as soon as I wake up (and I really should as I have many empty notebooks in my room). One day I will do this and read back on what my mind gets up to whilst I sleep. I thought that this post would be a bit more lengthy and in-depth but that's all I wanted to express.

Not only do I want to chase my dreams, but I want to remember them also.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

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