Broke but Living.

Living my best life with no money in my bank account lol.

Okay, so what I mean by this is that I don't have a monthly income anymore, so I'm really "roughing it" out here. So blog fam, I'm not too sure if you keep updated with my YouTube channel or not. Basically, I put up a chatty vlog briefly talking about me being unemployed for over 2 months now.

I thought that it'd be best to go into it deeper on my blog as it's easier for me to write and clean up my mistakes instead of filming for ages trying to get my words out. Anyway, so the time is now to get out how I'm feeling, what I've been up too, how this has helped me and what my next steps will be.

So... it's really been 2 months, wow. Leaving my job was hard, but being jobless is a lot harder. I mean, lemme not lie - I'm not completely jobless. I'm still signed up to a hospitality agency that I joined back in 2015 when I was at uni working as bar staff at festivals and events. This bar shifts that have been popping up in the last 2 months have really kept me afloat.

I do want to go back into full-time work but stated in my recent vlog, I am still enjoying this freedom that I have as I'll never get this amount of "time off" again. I haven't been bored, in fact, I keep myself busy as much as possible. Even if I'm at home, I'm still on my laptop either applying to jobs, doing personal admin, working on my YouTube account and also keeping my blog somewhat alive.

I can't begin to explain how better I feel being out of work for a while. I was a workaholic. Not an intense one but the type who always took work home worked on my days off and barely had time for myself let alone my friends. In the beginning, all was good. I had a healthy gym routine and I would socialise with my friends when we were on the same schedules. All of a sudden, everything changed and being indoors was my new favourite past time. All I knew was work, cheer and "sleep".

Without divulging into too much information, I fell into a dark place and after a lot of arguments with myself, I came to that final decision to leave my job and to begin looking after me (again). Doing this has helped me a lot, it's shown me that a) self-care is so important and b) to look for a job that covers all my needs and requirements. The dream is to work part-time and brand myself as a creative whether that be through my blog, through my vlogs or both. I don't know where I'm going and that excites me.

My next steps are to obviously secure a full-time job again. I've had a few interviews and there's still a lot of applications that are in progress. This time around I'm 100% making sure I accept my next job for all the right reasons instead of just taking it as it's been offered to me. I hope to then flourish in that role whatever it may be. Each day is a new day, I look forward to what it brings me.

If you feel like checking out my vlog about this, make sure to click on the link below.


"Beautiful things aren't associated with money; they are memories and moments."


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