Life Update.

I have no clue how to write this so just let me ramble.

In the last two blog posts, I've mentioned that I've got a life update to share. Others might not see this as a big thing, but those close to me wouldn't expect it and would think I'm messing around.

Well, I'm not messing around when I tell you all that I quit my job and I'm currently unemployed.

Tomi Ojo. A university graduate who had a full-time job straight after graduating which was salary-based has just quit her job with no other job lined up. Did you read that correctly? Yes? Okay cool, cause that's what's going down right now. I have no intention of explaining why I quit and going into detail as that's my story to share with people that I trust and not the general public. For those that want to know a little bit more, it had something to do with work-stress anxiety and purely not knowing what I want as a career anymore. That's it, plain and simple. Nothing more and nothing less.

As a photography graduate, who didn't want to pursue photography full-time, my career options are so broad. Anything media-related could be my career. Do you know how many different media industries that I could place myself in? Too many. I needed the time to step back and re-evaluate what I wanted as a job. To this very day, I am still unsure about what I want and bare in mind that I left my role almost a month ago. I did this in order to discover and find something that is made for me.

I know that I'm happier trying to figure out my next steps, but this isn't the end. As fun as it is not working, I have to earn a living and I get bored very easily. Life isn't free, trust me I know that too well when I had no job in uni and was STRUGGLING in my first year. Financially wise, I'm sorted for the time being, but I do miss living comfortably so this situation is not only voluntarily but temporary and I will be back on my feet hopefully sooner than later. I'm more excited than scared and that pleases me.

I share this because I want to be honest with you all. A lot of friends and family have been asking me how I'm doing and the majority don't know that I'm not working. Constantly repeating myself is draining and it's finally time to "share the news". So yes, it's out there. Everything happens for a reason and a lot of things have been happening. I'm all here for it, wherever God leads I will follow. It's all in his hands.

"When one door closes, another one will open."


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