Hopes, Dreams and Ambitions.

Three things that keep me sane on a daily basis.

Trying to keep up with the theme of light and positivity on my blog considering my last recent posts haven't been the happiest of blogs. I still have new hopes, dreams and ambitions for 2018.

After explaining my current situation to you guys, it's key that I need to look forward to the future ensuring that I am still hopeful and still dreaming big. It's very easy to fall into a dark mental state of mind and fortunately for me, I have managed to avoid that at all costs. The risk of me leaving my job gave me the kick that I needed to constantly look forward to what my next steps will be.

I'm always hoping for something to happen. Whether it's good or bad (it's been mostly good) I need to remain hopeful as always. I'm always saying that "I hope..." and then fill in the blank. This could be me getting a new job, going out to visit friends or taking out some quality time for myself. It could be anything really and by doing this, it has kept me well-balanced in the last month.

I dream a lot. In fact the other day I wanted to start writing down my dreams so I could look back on what I had dreamt about but that's another story for another blog post haha. In regards to dreaming big, I tend to set the bar high for myself. I do this because I want to aim high and never settle. I've always said to myself I'll work a job for 2 years and then move on. I never want to stay in the same role for too long (unless I get promoted). I like moving forward and moving on as I've never been one to stay put.

Comfortability is great but you'll never pursue your dreams whatever they may be if you stay put. I'm not advertising to leave your job or jump ship form whatever you're doing but just don't forget about your dreams. Just remember that dreams can become a reality, it's just about pushing yourself and not letting them fade away. If so, all they'll be is memories and memories they will stay.

My current ambition is to just remain happy with everything I do and every decision that I make from here on. I've started to let go and just live. Every day is a new day and it's nice to not know what I'm doing from one week to the next but this has now made me appreciate all this time that I have to explore new things. For once I think I've begun to find what my purpose in life is. How exciting.

"You have the strength, patience, and passion to change the world."


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