Do more and do it alone.

Basically what the title says "I'm doing more and doing it alone".

Lately, I've only just realised how powerful your own company is. I have never been one to go out to events on my own but in this 2018 I want to do more and to do it alone. So far, I have attended one networking event on my own - SkinnyDip London x Sisterhood. I love this brand and when I saw them post this FREE event on their Instagram stories, I just had to take the plunge and sign up to attend. This event was all about celebrating and adding more diversity to the creative industries.

I never expected to have so much fun and gain the chance to meet some new people. I have been following SkinnyDip London from when they first started to make their mark so I knew that I needed to be at this event. Firstly, it was free and due to it being so close to my work I just had to do. The night itself was fantastic. So many freebies, an A* panel and overall a great atmosphere for creatives.

It was from this event that I realised that I enjoy my own company outside of my house. I never thought that I would have such a good time doing something that scares me *coughs* networking. I've now given myself the task of doing a lot of things by myself in 2018. The first thing that I've started with is going to the cinemas alone. This isn't a big thing for everyone and I thought it would be for me but it's not. There's not really much of a difference going to the cinemas alone compared to going with friends.

The biggest task for me would be a solo trip. I would really LOVE to go on holiday by myself but this is a massive step. When I say the word holiday, I'm talking about jumping on a plane and flying out from the UK and not jumping on a train for a few hours (however the Eurostar is acceptable). This is something that is currently just a thought and tbh needs to be a plan in action. As of now, it's a big ambition of mine. I might need to start with a weekend away first though hmm.

I've already mentioned that Portugal is my go-to holiday destination for this year (fingers crossed) however Paris for a weekend getaway does sound pretty good. It's definitely something I want to consider and I recommend everyone should do it. There are so many benefits to doing things alone and learning to love your own company. I can wait to see what else I get up too in the next few months!

"One can only be themselves only so long as they are alone."


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