I've got the Travel Bug.


Ever since I travelled to Amsterdam last November, I got bit by the travel bug. All I think about is where my next destination is going to be. I want to go to Portugal this year and I have no idea why but it's a must. It's been the destination that I've had stuck in my head since last summer - weird. I feel like this is a location that I need to visit and leave my mark. The real question is when?

Obviously, you guys know I work full-time so I can't just jump on a plane next week (even though I'd like too). I need to plan properly for a holiday like this as I've never booked anything myself. I know that for this future trip, I want to be a big girl and do all the bookings by myself.

If anyone has any tips that they can pass on my way please do. I want to get the best holiday but not pay an arm and a leg for it. Portugal seems like it'll bring me peace and tranquillity and that just makes me want to impulsively buy a ticket out there right now. Part of me feels like doing a solo holiday and just have some me time but my social anxiety already is kicking in telling me that I'm not ready sigh.

Anyways, yeah I wanna fly out. Portugal is my first destination. America I'm coming back for you. Australia I will be there (when I can afford to save up and take a month off work). LA don't worry your time will come. I've spoken about the 10 Places I'd like to Visit on my blog before. Feel free to check out this post for a bit of a detailed description of why I want to travel to these specific locations.

Hopefully, I'll make this dream a reality before the end of 2018! That's dedicated to Portugal unless I win big and take a year out to travel (one day). *Update I'm off to Nottingham today and Newcastle in less than two weeks. It's not abroad but it's something! Gotta start off small right?

"I look my best when I'm free, on holiday, whilst walking on the beach."


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