Ice Ice Baby.

What is UK weather? Last week 'The Beast from the East' attacked and we all didn't know how to cope.

UK weather is something else. I had no idea that we were predicted snow last week, but when it came through - it came with a vengeance. It's MARCH, not December. Weather... wyd? Who hurt you that you had to come through and terrorise us all? Sigh, at least it's all over now. Hopefully, a hot summer will make up for last week. It better tbh, I hate wearing jackets period.

It's shocking that we (talking on behalf of the UK) are not well prepared for an intense snow storm. The last update I saw on the news was that there were 10 deaths due to this weather. That is so scary to hear and absolutely tragic that a week of snow sadly allowed people lose their lives. I'm surprised that I was able to get to work safely (and on time may I add).

I can just hear the laughter from Canada and other countries looking at us and saying that what we had is nothing. Our agemates are just watching the UK and wondering what's wrong with us, why are we freaking out over a tiny amount of snow compared to what they deal with. Let's be honest. Snow is a shock to the system for us and that shouldn't be the case. We know how to manage intense rainstorms and strong gusts of winds but snow - nope we can't figure out a plan of action for this?

Last week taught me that you need to think quick on your feet, be prepared for anything and most importantly buy gloves cause my hands FROZE (hahaha no but seriously I need some gloves). I think that last week was the initiative we needed to take the time and put a plan to prepare if this ever happens again. I couldn't imagine knowing that a someone close to me died because of the weather.

We NEED to do better.

"I'm not into cold weather, I like warm weather."

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