Regaining My Security.

I doubt you would get from that title that I now have a job again 😅.

Are you doing the most?

Slow down. Take time.

One Year Later: Graduation.

Well, technically it's one year and 5 days later 🤭.

Shoot Your Shot Innit.

It's 2018 and people aren't shooting their shot? Madness.

The End of the Vlogstar Challenge (2018).

I apologize for not blogging about this sooner!

Summer B or Winter G?

You know what, I've never met anyone who has the wardrobe for both?

Feeling the Pressure?


Feeling pressured and want to overcome it?

How am I doing?

That is a good question that I hope to answer well.

Sleep, Dream, Remember.

What if our dreams were events that were supposed to happen in our lives?

Broke but Living.

Living my best life with no money in my bank account lol.

Hopes, Dreams and Ambitions.

Three things that keep me sane on a daily basis.

Life Update.

I have no clue how to write this so just let me ramble.

Trying to Have it All.

I struggle with this on a daily basis.

June Promises.

June? It's really June.

How's my Mental Health?

A must.


Yup, I'm gonna start vlogging.

Do more and do it alone.

Basically what the title says "I'm doing more and doing it alone".

I've got the Travel Bug.


Ice Ice Baby.

What is UK weather? Last week 'The Beast from the East' attacked and we all didn't know how to cope.

I Can't Force Myself.

Ouch, it's the last full week of Feb and the last time I posted a blog was the second week of Jan. It's mad.

Two Weeks In...

Two weeks when it really feels like four? January DRAGS man.

Live Your Best Life in 2018.

The motto for the year guys, live by it.