Rounding up the year.

Wow 2017 is really coming to an end. Am I prepared? No clue tbh 2018 sounds exciting though.

For the past 2 weeks I've been telling myself to write this blog post. I doubt it's going to be a long one but who knows. As if 2017 is ending in 21 days. That's 3 weeks till 2018. On a serious note, what have I accomplished this year? Sometimes I feel like I haven't done much, but in reality I've actually done a lot. Kick-started the year by passing my driving test in January and bought my own car all by myself, I re-discovered myself, became a stronger Christian, graduated university & gained a graduate job afterwards, joined a new cheerleading team back home, celebrated my 22nd Birthday, went on Holiday for the first time with my friends... there's so much more but these are definitely my key highlights of the year.

I'm so proud of myself and I don't tell myself this a lot as I don't acknowledge all the amazing things that take place. I usually celebrate on the day and then a week later I'm so distracted by life that I've forgotten about my achievements. 2017 has been a tough and challenging year but I couldn't change it for the world. The last few months have really kept me off my blog due to just not feeling up to it to put up any content for you guys. Most of the time I tell myself that no one is reading my blog anymore and that it's been forgotten about and 9/10 I tend to believe this a lot. However, I still get asked how my blogging is going and if I'm even still doing it so that does show that people still have an interest in the content I produce.

I think in 2018 I need to stop being so critical about myself, stop procrastinating as it's gotten worse since working full-time but also to be happy and content with what I've done in the past years. I've done the most and I will continue to do so. 2017 has been controversial due to what has happened in the news and media but on a personal note this year has been truly eye-opening. I look forward to what 2018 brings and how I will tackle it. I'm excited for some events that I plan to attend and I've got a few things in stock as long as it's executed properly. If you don't hear from me before Christmas & New Years...

...Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 😂.

"The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written."


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