AmsterDAM. Yeah.. I enjoyed myself.


For my first holiday away with friends, Amsterdam was a superb choice. My friends & I booked this holiday in September as a quick end of the year getaway. I wasn't originally sold on the idea of going dam mainly cause it's a place that is well known for smoking that "good good". I had no intentions of participating in those types of activities but I really wanted to leave the UK and Amsterdam made me say yes.

SO GLAD I WENT. When I tell you I lived my best life I am not lying to you. Amsterdam is something else. I need to go back man, deffo in the summertime when it's a bit warmer as I'm not a huge fan of wearing a jacket 24/7. Apart from the cold, spending 5 whole days here with the best people was exactly what I needed. The pressures of work and trying to find some free time in my busy schedule put me all in wack. There needs to be a new word for stressed as I use it was too much.

 We got up to so much and I don't feel like bombarding this blog post with everything we did, all that matters is I had a good time with some great people. I can't wait to go on holiday again in 2018. No idea where I'm going (fingers crossed for Portugal guys) but I know that I need to make going on holiday a yearly thing from now on. Just taking a few days off, forgetting about work and all my home commitments and just being stress-free was exactly what I needed and made me work 10x harder when I went back to work just so I could do it all over again in 2018. No exaggeration, I'm going on holiday again in 2018.

If you're a full-time worker I beg that you take a holiday every year. Even if this is a long weekend away, I flew out for 5 days and came back better than ever. I knew I needed some time off but I had no idea how much this benefited me. I feel so refershed and ready to tackle on the new year. All it took was a quick holiday, drinks, good food and great company! Can't believe that's all I needed.

"Travelling does the heart some good."


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