You'll Get Through This.

If someone is going through a hard time right now, have a read of this post.

Starting this off by saying "you'll get through this" is a cliche, but its true. This storm will pass, the days will go on and you yourself will come back bigger and better. I've been going through a lot lately and as usual keeping it to myself. I feel like this post isn't just for my readers out there, it's for me also. I need some personal guidance and wise words (from myself lol).

Whatever has been going on lately, it's time to draw attention to it and stop pushing it into the background. It's time to sit down with yourself and to talk through what's going on. I say all of this and I don't do it myself but by publishing this I hope that I take my own advice and follow through with my words. I know it gets easier, it's just the first step that is always the hardest. What's worse is that knowing that I have that first step to make just puts me off even attempting it.

It's too easy to just push everything into a box and locking it up, but that box starts to overflow and sooner or later everything will come to the surface. As hard as it may seem, it's worth the pain going through everything that is going wrong and sourcing the problem of it all. My problem lately is just thinking I'm not good enough to do my job. I stress out about my work not being up to my company's standard and fret about how much work I have, considering I've just started, this isn't something that I should be panicking about at this stage. It's really too early for this nonsense.

These things do take time and each day I'm starting to let loose and just take things day-by-day. I'll make myself ill by constantly feeling like this and if you're going through the same thing you'll do the same. I wish I can say you feel 10x better as soon as you take the first step, but being realistic knock-backs are a real thing. You can be feeling on top of the world and something can just take that feeling away from you. What you need to do is to stay strong and look out for the light at the end of the tunnel. It's the only way you're going to get through it all. Hope this helps at least one person.

"Don't doubt yourself. Work hard & make it happen."


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