Tired, Worn Out & Drained.

Following on from my last post, the title of this one pretty much explains everything.

So yeah, I'm tired. ALL THE TIME. Adulting isn't easy guys. Don't get me wrong, I love working and being busy but I haven't done a full nine to five shift in a while (well in school it was nine to three but you get the gist). In the past few weeks I've been travelling around a lot for work and it's really started to wear me out. I'm happy to jet around and not stay around in one place as I love being on the move but realistically speaking it's not doing well for my well being.

With the small pressures of still being new at work and travelling, I'm starting to wear myself out and loosing sleep isn't for me. I need to take things slow and take time! Every day is a new day and I think trying to live a fast-paced lifestyle doesn't work with my schedule. My day is so busy guys, have a look at my schedule and you can see I'm seriously not joking...

Monday: Work 9-5:30
Tuesday: Work 9-5:30, Gym 8-9:30
Wednesday: Work 9-5:30, Tumbling Class 8-9;30
Thursday: Work 9:5:30, Gym 8-9:30
Friday: Work 9-5:30
Saturday: Personal Training Gym Session 9-10
Sunday: Church 9:15-11, Cheerleading 3:10-5:30

Look at all the free time I have lol jk. I don't really have time to do anything else but I'm hoping to learn how to manage my time well. For now, I just need to sleep more and to undwind earlier in the evenings. I'm always doing too much and next thing I know it's 11pm and I'm gone. Sigh, is this really my new life? Because this isn't what I signed up for 👀.

"She's strong but she's exhausted."

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