22 Going On.. Well 22.

I turned 22 and I don't feel any different?

So I've been 22 for exactly a month now and I thought I would feel older but I kinda just feel the same. Being 21, I really lived my best life. Honestly, it's been the best age of my life so far so turning 22, I didn't really want to be a year older. I had ZERO plans for my birthday as this is very unlike me. For the past 3 years my birthday always came up around the time I was going to uni, so each year I knew that I would be surrounded by my friends and had my birthday event in motion.

Yeah, so 2017 just had to be different. This was my first year having my birthday back home and honestly, I don't understand why I wasn't as adamant to go out and do something with my friends and family. I ended up going to Nando's with my long-time brother Jack. Even though this was THE best time we've had together, it was only arranged the day before. I never do last minute.com - who am I?

They say when you get older, you get wiser. I want to say this is true, but it's not. Personally, I think I get wiser month-by-month and not yearly. I learned many life lessons during my 21-year-old days and now that I'm 22 I hope to continue learning, but not making the same mistakes as I always do. So far, this month has gone really well. My new job is great, being 22 makes me feel like I'm finally a "true" adult and I can't fault it yet. I know I still look and probably act like a kid, I pray that never changes.

The goal is to be 40 and I'm looking 25, that's when I'll begin to use my birthday's to my advantage. What else can I say? Big thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday (I already said this but for my blog, I'll say it again). Here's to 22! Hopefully, in a years time, I can say that this age has been a blast 😌.

"Getting older doesn't mean you're getting old."

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