When to Admit Defeat (good reasoning).

I had to put the words good reasoning just to let everybody know that this is a positive post and it's not as gloomy as the image suggests. Admitting defeat doesn't sound like a good thing, but think of it as being the bigger person and backing down or knowing when you're facing a battle you can't win.

I really drafted this in April so to track back and see what I was supposed to write is looking like a myth. However, I usually just type on impulse and whatever comes to mind when writing so whatever is said in this post is probably it's original content. I'm just writing whatever so who knows if this makes sense.

I don't like to back down. In fact, I hate it. 99% of the time I think I'm right (I usually am, it takes the other person a while to realise it too). That's not what I'm here to talk about. Admitting defeat doesn't mean giving up or backing down, it means taking a step down from your pedestal or being the bigger person and calling everything a quit because going back and forth isn't getting you anywhere.

As of lately, I've begun to take a step back and re-evaluate how I process certain situations. As much as I want to make things right and be everyone's friend, sometimes you just have to let people go in order to move on. I'm always trying to fix things that are too broken to be fixed and it's taken me YEARS to realise this. A few weeks ago I cut off some people as our relationship wasn't healthy and I had been treated unfairly the whole time. I was numb the entire conversation but I'm proud that I was able to close the door on that relationship and begin taking my first steps without them in my life.

This post pretty much has moved on from admitting defeat to letting go. You can see how similar both are and why I've tied them together. In order for you to continue living your life to the best that you can, you have to look back and see if the people in your life are worth keeping. There's still a whole lot of people that shouldn't be in my inner circle at the moment. I can't be that cold-hearted and cut them all out at once, but I need to look into our friendship and see if these people have grown with me or have grown apart. Unfortunately for you, if it's apart then it was good while it lasted.

"You only lose what you cling too."

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