What's Next?

What IS next? Who knows, the world is my oyster.

Now that I'm a graduate (still doesn't feel real) what are my next steps after graduation? Welllllll... I plan to go on a cheeky holiday, take a well-awaited/earned/deserved break from work and then go back to my company with a brand new contract waiting for me - she says.


You guys don't know the struggles I've been through. Staying longer at uni is fun and all, but when none of your friends are here due to them moving back home, it gets extremely lonely. All my bags are packed and I'm currently living out of my suitcases but it's so worth it as I cannot wait to be reunited with my family again. It's going to a long process to do as I need to clean my entire house by myself (not my choice but whatever) and complete other little tasks before I can drive myself back home yay!

I'm so looking forward to having a break and just being at home. No more 7am alarms (my lay-ins are now 8am whereas pre-employed Tomi used to sleep in till 11am). The thought of not driving up and down to work everyday shouldn't excite me as much as it does, but it does. Just give me a week off from driving, I know I'll miss it but for now I'll happily walk and get public transports as it's easier back home.

I love to keep busy so I don't plan on taking a long break from work - I need to get some money in the bank so I can't be lazy forever. I never got to experience the transition from being a full-time student, to then living at home jobless and as weird as it may sound... I want that. Going into work a week after handing in my last assignment was great, but I've had no breaks so fingers crossed the month of September (my birthday month, hint hint) is going to be amazing.

That's all for now, I have a separate post about something new thats happening and not only does this excite me but, I hope others will be happy for me. This should be coming out probably by the end of this week, no promises but it should. Happy Monday 😁.

"Change starts when you take that first step."

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