Post-University Life.

Where do I even begin?

So I'm officially graduating with a 2:1 in Photography. If you saw me tweet this on Twitter than you would already know this but if not well now you do! I can't believe my 3 years are up! Before I get too into talking about how happy I am to be finished with uni, I need to remember that this isn't the blog post for this topic (blog post soon come, I've got so much to discuss).

So what have I been up to since finishing uni? Well, I work full-time and I love it. I don't think I've ever had a job that I really enjoy going to each day as it continues to challenge and push me to do the best. I love working. I love keeping busy. Not a lot of people enjoy their jobs but I can definitely say that I enjoy mine. Is this how you adult? because I still feel like a baby girl.

I've pretty much worked every day since finishing uni, so I haven't really been able to enjoy being education-free but honestly, I'm happier collecting my coins compared to sitting at home and collecting dust 😉. Graduation is PENDING guys, gimme time. I have mine quite late (September to be exact) so the glo' up is almost here. I still need to find a bomb-ass outfit and I'll overload my social medias with endless amounts pictures, watch out. I'm so excited, I've wanted this for so long.

No one tells you how much you'll miss your university chums when you finish for good. I always get excited each September as I know we'll be reunited but for the first time since 2014 we won't reunite for our next academic year again. It's weird to think that since the age of 5 I won't be going back into the education system and that scares me, like it's crazy to not go back and to just merge into full-time work as if I've been doing so for the past few years. Being in education been my routine for the past 17-ish years and to just sail through like nothing has happened kinda freaks me out but excites me.

I'm still growing up and looking forward to the future, don't get me wrong I'm going to have my time to travel and to gain more experiences to add to my life story. Right now work is my main priority and for now, I'm just taking each day as it goes. I'll always look forward to what comes my way.

"The finish line is just the beginning of a whole new race."