Once a Cheerleader, Always a Cheerleader.

Yeah, I haven't blogged about cheer in a LONG time. Let's change that.

So as most of you don't know, during my final year of university, I didn't get back onto my old team. Not cheering for a whole year gave me a brand new insight into it. The main thing that I realised was that I was going to be saving A LOT of money by not getting on the team, however for a sport that I actually love doing, it's worth paying the fees. I didn't think that I would miss it as much, but I did.

I'm happy that I had this time-off as it gave me the opportunity to book in more shifts at work and allowed me not to have commitments every Monday and Friday evenings. Unfortunately for me, I suffered the cheer blues. I missed the feeling of being in a new stunt group, learning your competition routine, hearing your cheer music for the first time and of course competing. I missed it all and knew that my cheer days aren't over. I needed to have cheer back in my life somehow. The question is how?

I had no intentions of going back to my university team only because it was around the end of May when I wanted to start cheer again and the team were pretty much done with their season. I thought about cheering again before May but it was just a pipe dream at first. That and once I left, I didn't really see myself going back even if they let me back on the team somehow? My uni cheer days
 were over which meant that I had to begin the search for a new team, how exciting!

The thing is at university, you usually have one or more teams to choose from so going to tryouts wasn't hard at all. When looking for a cheer team outside your university, there are SO many teams to choose from. By this, I already knew that I had some tough decisions to make. I had to think about the team's location, what levels they had, fees/payment and overall what the team has to offer. I had managed to narrow it down to 3 teams (which I won't disclose of unless you ask me in person).

So there I was, all excited to go to taster sessions and tryouts for these teams until life hit me hard. I swear EVERY outside cheer team has their tryouts all on the same day. I couldn't believe it, all my planning has gone to waste as I had to pick one team to go with and if I didn't make it on there was no second chance to tryout for another team. I was so annoyed, but I had to pick one and I did. I went with my gut choice and prayed for the best. Going to tryouts made me nervous purely because I didn't know anyone, but I had to challenge myself to come out of my comfort-zone. I was scared guys, scared.

But it worked out!!

I got onto the team. This was just over a month ago and I posted it on twitter here, but solely chose to keep it off Facebook just because (I don't really have a reason lol). Well, now it's out there. I'm excited to get back in the gym a month from now, so happy to compete in 2018 and so proud of myself for forcing myself to start again despite doing it all on my own. Go me! 😚

"Cheer Bows & Nike Pros!"
(loooool if you know, you know)


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