I felt like quitting (and almost did).

Yeah, so I almost came to the decision to take down my blog. This is something that I've worked SO HARD for and I literally just feel like I can't get back into it. That's until I had a FaceTime call from my unofficial cousin who put me back in my place oops.

So I guess it's time to come clean as to why I basically had a two-month absence on my blog. Sigh, I thought I could come back and hope that no one would "notice" but I mean it's really been two months, I owe you guys an explanation. Better late than never tbh (and it is quite late).

Since May 21st (the last blog post before I stopped) I hadn't looked at my blog, thought about my blog or even considered to talk about it online. It's like I forgot it existed as I was so thrown into my work. I knew that I was going to take a break from blogging (I posted about it here). I knew that by being in full-time work mixed with blogging didn't seem doable. I didn't want to come back yer, but I needed too.Things have quietened down at work now and after having a pep-talk from Sunshine, this was the correct time to come back onto this platform. She basically gave me the kick that I needed (thanks again b ❤️).

I'd fully given up on my blog, it didn't cross my mind whilst at work or in any of the spare time that I had at home. I never checked my statistics, I never kept my social media updated - I just let it go. It kills me to say it, but it's true. I thought if I just stopped blogging, it would go away and just die out. Clearly, it didn't and deep down I did miss it, I just had to accept the fact that I got lazy.

Blogging makes me happy and I completely lost track of it. Why did I think that this was okay to give up? I'm back purely for my own benefit as I need this platform to release stress, inform & educate others. This is an important part of my happiness and I'm beginning to get back into my flow again.

I really am back. It feels good to be back.

"When you feel like quitting, think about why you started."


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