I advise you NOT to waste my time.

I'm surprised that I haven't blogged about this sooner.

Time wasters can really just evacuate from my life. It is one of my biggest pet peeves if you think it's acceptable for you to waste my time. I feel like as I continue to grow up, the people I meet or come across all somehow know that it angers me when my time has been wasted and by knowing this they continue to do so. I'm one of those people who plan out their day by the time. If I am meeting up with friends or family, everything is on a schedule. I don't like delays or simply not being told that our plans have changed last minute, it's so annoying to hear so.

Now to the people who are very easy-breezy and cannot grasp the concept of investing time in someone, do me a favour and walk out of my life. It takes a lot for me to dedicate time to people as I like to keep busy all the time so socialising as of late hasn't been one of my biggest priorities. I need to work in order to have money to go out so the ratio of me meeting up with friends compared to working is basically 20:80 (80 being the working portion of my life, I just about have time to myself).

Time IS precious.

A lot of people haven't released this yet and they really think it's okay to mess with my time. Lemme give you guys an example. I was supposed to meet up with a friend from uni who I haven't seen in a while. Take note that I work 9-5pm (majority of the days I really work 8:30am to 6/7pm). If you tell me we'll hang out after dinner, 9pm, I WILL BE WAITING FROM THEN. Do not think that it is okay to not update me and let me know you are running late. Tell me in advance. This is a PSA to ALL my friends and family, don't keep me waiting. Your best bet of us reschedule lies in your hands as I need to know that our plans are cancelled and I can invest my spare time in myself or prepare for other things (basically work, I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm a work-a-holic).

Please do not treat me how you wouldn't want me to treat you. If I scheduled plans with you and never showed up and didn't say why you wouldn't like it so don't do it to me. Rant over.

"Don't waste my time as that is something that I cannot get back."

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