It's Been a Pleasure.

I had the opportunity to write a blog post on my company's website about my time being an NCS Programme Intern. Thought I would also share it on here 😌.

When to Admit Defeat (good reasoning).

I had to put the words good reasoning just to let everybody know that this is a positive post and it's not as gloomy as the image suggests. Admitting defeat doesn't sound like a good thing, but think of it as being the bigger person and backing down or knowing when you're facing a battle you can't win.

Once a Cheerleader, Always a Cheerleader.

Yeah, I haven't blogged about cheer in a LONG time. Let's change that.

What's Next?

What IS next? Who knows, the world is my oyster.

I advise you NOT to waste my time.

I'm surprised that I haven't blogged about this sooner.

I felt like quitting (and almost did).

Yeah, so I almost came to the decision to take down my blog. This is something that I've worked SO HARD for and I literally just feel like I can't get back into it. That's until I had a FaceTime call from my unofficial cousin who put me back in my place oops.

Post-University Life.

Where do I even begin?

Being alone with my thoughts isn't the best.

This post was originally created on Sunday 2nd July. Everything that I've written in this post really happened and has not been created for views. I shouldn't have to justify myself but as I'm posting this at such a later date it makes sense to do so. I fought with myself in regards to releasing this but the world needs to know the real me. Hope it doesn't make you too worried... I'm doing much better now if you wanted to know, anyway I'll let you get to it. Thanks.