Just a quick one.

Just a quick one. That's all this will be. Don't think I've forgotten about blogging, in fact, I've been so bored this entire week that I really could have posted about 4-5 blogs but of course, I get my spur of motivation on the last day of this week. Typical me tbh, but hey at least I got one out 😅.

The reason for this post is just to let you guys know that I'm still here and that I still have the ability to blog haha. In the time that I've been gone - 16 days to be exact - I've officially finished University by handing in my last assignments (lucky me has no exams!). Currently, I've been quite relaxed lately and this means napping every day which isn't working out well as I'm up till odd hours of the night. However, that's all about to change now as I start my 9 to 5 TOMORROW. Believe me, this happened way too fast.

I'm quite excited and nervous about this as going into full-time work a week after finishing uni came around way quicker than I expected but I love to keep busy so I'm so happy that I'll be getting out of the house again. I'm proud of myself for gaining this job and I really hope it takes me somewhere later on in the year. I guess the purpose of this post was to update you and just talk about what I've done after being "away" for a little bit. I've missed blogging but I needed to take a break - and I still am?

Keep doing more. This is what I tell myself every so and so. Settling for whatever isn't how I like to live my life. I know a lot of 3rd years are so happy to be done with uni now and don't get me wrong so am I but I'm extremely happy that I'm not heading home for summer just yet because more is happening for me up here and I intend to do the most before I leave. Gotta leave your mark somehow.

"Just because I'm busy doesn't mean that I don't care."


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