Taking Risks.

If you know me personally, I take risks once in a while and I'm not exaggerating when I say this as I try to plan out everything that I do so doing something different stresses me out. I'm not a fan of risking my day-to-day actions in the hopes of gaining something better in the long run. It's just not in me to do it, but thinking about the times that I have taken risks, luckily I can say that some have paid off.

Taking risks is very daunting. You have a 50-50 chance of it working wonders or it completely backfiring and making whatever situation that you're in 10x worse. Nope, sorry that's not in my portion. I'm trying to go back to when taking a risk worked out for me in the past and it's hard to select just one thing as a lot of my risk taking has only benefitted me in the smallest amount.

I think that choosing to go to university is the only "risk" that's worked out in my favour. I wouldn't label going to uni a risk only because I knew I was always going to go regardless of how I felt about education 3 years ago. The only risk that came out of that decision was choosing what I wanted to study. Being a creative is hard enough as it is and making the decision to do a creative course at university was always going to be a struggle that I would have hoped to work out well and push me into the right direction once I graduate (career-wise if you didn't catch on).

Did it pay off? I can't give you guys a definite answer as I'm not finished just yet, but up to now... yeah university has been alright. In regards to studying photography, I'm not sure that this was a good choice as I've really strayed away from it all and it feels like it's a chore to do it when originally it was what I was most passionate about. I see so many upcoming photographers online and I'm always envious of their work and raw talent that they put into their images. They have the passion that I once had and ending up loosing since going to uni. However, I hope that by the time I graduate and actually start doing photography for fun that I'll fall back in love with it again *prays*.

So risk taking, is it worth it? Yes, it is. I know I don't risk a lot in my life, but I need too in order to receive something different in return. I am scared when I make changes to my life, purely because I'm comfortable with where I am right now. Life isn't about being comfortable, it's about doing the most and taking on each day like it's your last. What else have we got to lose?

"Great things never came from your comfort zone."

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