Maintaining Financially Stable at University.

Money is something that I speak about on a daily basis whilst at uni. It's something that is a motivator but can also be a massive distraction and overall pain in the butt. I work to get my money, I haven't lived off the bank of Mum & Dad since I was around the age 14. This is still a massive achievement for me as not everyone my age can stay this as boldly as I can.

When I think about money, I take a lot into consideration. As a university student, money is everything because it's me that has the responsibility of paying rent, bills, food shopping and uni expenses. First things first, yes IT IS hard having a part-time job whilst studying but do I regret it? - nope. There is no way that I could live away from home and rely solely on my student loans, issa myth I'll tell you that. To the people that are jobless and still financially secure, I salute you and personally I don't believe it's possible to do so but well done for proving me wrong (which is extremely hard to do).

We all know that working isn't fun and lucky for me I enjoy my job because of how flexible it is. Really and truly I need to pay my bills so I can't quit now and I'm happy to say that I haven't attempted too. Working is only fun purely because that I'm getting paid. It sounds bad, but in reality, everyone works just for their paycheck that they receive at the end of the month. Having a job doesn't mean I get to splash out and splurge all my money. Most of the time I'm trying to save as much of it as possible just in case something comes up that requires a hefty payout aka a car. I work to live, not to enjoy.

Money management is something that has completely gone out the window within my final year at university. As an insurance policy to myself, I got an overdraft of £500 (ouch yes I know) as a backup plan just in case things got really bad - which things did. Moving into a house and paying bills seemed like all my money would disappear too quickly for my liking and not having an overdraft would have been silly. Of course, I then decided to start the gym again so because of this I needed to make sure that I could keep up with all my outgoing payments that vacate my bank account each month - my chwest 😭.

I don't have an exact recipe of how to keep all your money in the bank because I too have lost my ways a quite a lot lately and I don't want anyone making the same mistakes. However, hopefully, these might help.

1. Surround yourself with people that are going through the same issues as you money-wise. Being friends with people who are a bit care-free with their cash just prompts you to spend more than you need to each week and believe me it does add up. I keep my receipts and by Sunday night is when I realise what a MASSIVE fool I have been.

2. Keep budgets AND STICK TO THEM. This is all I need to say, it's as simple as.

3. Impulse buying is for the weak. Read it and weep because it is true. Whenever I'm hungry and not at home, I'll go to a nearby shop or cafe and next thing I know £5-£10 later I've just bought a whole heap of junk whereas I could have just bought food to cook and saved money damn.

That's all I got for y'all for now of course. Linked some old blog posts below that cover similar to what I've said today - utilise them!

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"Hustle or be broke."


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