Friendship First, Relationship Second.

It's quite obvious and clear what I'm about to talk about. Friendships should always come before the relationship - point. blank. period. It's vital to secure a solid friendship before anything progresses. Surely you want to know who the person truly is before they become your S.O?

Before anyone starts to question me by saying that you can be friends within your relationship - yes, you're absolutely right. It is good to do this, but coming from my personal experience I do wish that I took the time to hang out with my previous partner and get to know him first as a person before dating. Taking on all the knowledge that I've gained since my previous relationship, I've concluded that I would love to maintain a friendship with my S.O before actually moving onto the dating stage.

By becoming friends first, this can easy eliminate any future problems. Jumping into the dating stage is tempting and always feels 10x better to justify to friends that you're more than friends, but not at that official stage yet. I get it, it's amazing but what we tend to forget is the excitement of meeting someone new and potentially having the opportunity to fall in love blinds the fact that we have no idea who that person we expect to fall in love with is?? Why are we so ready to move onto the next step before actually realising and acknowledge exactly what we want? I too am a victim of this.

As spoken about before, being in love is amazing but also being a happy single person is great also. I'm very open and honest with what I want at the moment. I'm at that stage of my life where dating isn't really what I want unless I know the person I pursue or who pursue's me is looking for something long-term. First and foremost, I would want a friendship first because 1) this guarantees me that everything will still be the same if no feelings develop between us & 2) that I get to know who the person that could be my partner really is. It sounds funny the way I'm emphasising on getting to know your partner but a lot of couples tend to not know their partner inside out. I don't want that, I want the person that I fall in love with to know my whole life story, my habits, my fears etc. They need to know me.

I'm quite stubborn with this and reading this back to myself, it's clear to say that I'm not looking to change my mind. I hope that others can see where I'm coming from because falling in love with someone you can truly call your best friend sounds like heaven on earth. I've been in love before and it was beautiful, so imagine what falling in love with my best friend could feel like?

"Relationships are always stronger when you are best friends first, and a couple second."


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