Dealing with Insecurities.

Everyone has an insecurity. If you say that you don't have one, you're either unaware of it yet or you're lying. Harsh, but true. For me, I have three major insecurities that I am fully aware of and know how much they affect me. If someone talks about them or brings them up I'll easily shut it down and hope that I don't have to discuss why I feel so insecure about these things.

Taking Risks.

If you know me personally, I take risks once in a while and I'm not exaggerating when I say this as I try to plan out everything that I do so doing something different stresses me out. I'm not a fan of risking my day-to-day actions in the hopes of gaining something better in the long run. It's just not in me to do it, but thinking about the times that I have taken risks, luckily I can say that some have paid off.

Friendship First, Relationship Second.

It's quite obvious and clear what I'm about to talk about. Friendships should always come before the relationship - point. blank. period. It's vital to secure a solid friendship before anything progresses. Surely you want to know who the person truly is before they become your S.O?

Maintaining Financially Stable at University.

Money is something that I speak about on a daily basis whilst at uni. It's something that is a motivator but can also be a massive distraction and overall pain in the butt. I work to get my money, I haven't lived off the bank of Mum & Dad since I was around the age 14. This is still a massive achievement for me as not everyone my age can stay this as boldly as I can.