The Power of Blogging.

It's very easy to underestimate blogging and to pay it no attention. I get this. A lot of people ask me why I blog and the reason is because I like it. It's a platform for me to verbally voice out everything that runs through my head. I blog for me and anyone out there wanting to hear what I have to say.

Blogging has gained so much recognition lately but a lot of people don't take notice of the hard work and effort it takes to maintain a blog. When I first started out, it was something that I did for fun and kept me busy over the holidays. Now, my blog is something that I can use to hopefully gain a job in the media industry shortly after graduating university. It is my portfolio as it displays content that is 100% by me, my design and layout skills & abilities, social media presence etc.

This blog is extremely powerful as it's my USP (for all you apprentice watchers that one's for you). It's what makes me stand out when people ask me what I do in my free time and can show potential employers what I'm capable of creating online. I've started labelling myself as a creative, as essentially that is what I am. Sure, I'll be graduating university with a bachelor's degree in photography, but I'm leaving with a whole new skillset when it comes blogging, social media and maintaining an online presence.

The thing is, blogging ain't as easy as it looks. I've already spoken about that on here before but I still struggle with it to this day. Take this blog post for granted, I'm typing this post a few hours before it gets realised. As powerful as blogging is and how useful it is to me, keeping up with it takes a lot of time and patience. I will never give up on my blog, but it's slowly giving up on me. I would love to take a break and just relax for a few weeks, but there's too much going on for me to stop writing if that makes sense?

A blog can be so beneficial when used for the right reasons. I can't imagine someone blogging for bad reasons, but what I'm saying is it takes one blog post for your website to blow up. I'm forever grateful for all the interactions that I have received through my blog. I will continue to let my page grow into the best that it can be. These things take time and I'm glad that I never let it get the best of me.

"Good content is created with good intent."


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