Ready. Set. Drive.

For a while now, well no... in fact, I always knew that I wanted to blog about me passing my driving test as it is a monumental thing that I have finally achieved in my adult life. The only issue with this is that I thought I would have passed my driving test in the year I started driving which was 2014. Oops? Yeah, this post is a bit of a story so have fun reading 😇.

First things first... I'M FINALLY LEGAL ON THE ROADS. What an amazing blessing this is. I've waited so long for this moment and it finally happened. Bearing this in mind I passed my test just over a month ago and since then I've ended up jumping on the train home more than ever! I knew that I wasn't getting a car straight after passing my test but who told me to go back to Essex/London for four weeks in a row last month cause I swear it wasn't me?? So much coinage is going towards TFL but hey ho when I get my car, I'll forget about all those days where I had to be doing train life 24/7.

Passing my test was something that was a years-long work in progress. As stated in the beginning I started driving in 2014 and we're now in 2017 so if you do your calculations correctly it's been 3 years since my first ever driving lesson - wow. Let me clear something up first, no I haven't been driving consecutively for 3 years. I took just under a 2-year break from driving due to moving away from home and go to and live away at uni. The goal for me was to start driving in January 2014 (which I did) and pass before September 2014 (which clearly I didn't). So long story short I failed my test and moved out to uni and put a pause on driving until the summer of 2015 (July if you want me to be precise).

The same thing happened again and I swore off driving until January 2016 came along and I realised that I couldn't let failing my test knock me down. Luckily for me, I happened to have found THE best driving instructor up at uni (only because my old instructor from back from had given up on me and so did I but I wanted to change from him anyway so driving at uni worked out in my favour tbh). The reason as to why I ended up passing in January 2017 is because my theory ran out in April so I went on holiday to relax and forget about it all. When I flew back home the plan was to tell my instructor that I was going to redo my theory test back home in Essex. I chose to do so just so I could focus on the end of my 2nd year and not worry about driving for a while. Off I went back home for the summer, re-took my theory and passed and started my 3rd year in September - sadly I wish that this was the end of the story.

Believe it or not, I had a test booked for December when I came back from summer holidays but it got rescheduled due to poor weather conditions and in all honesty I was so happy that this happened because I had no lessons prior to this test and I had a feeling that I wasn't going to pass on that date, it was really weird to explain to my instructor but something told me it wasn't my time. Along comes January and FINALLY I struck gold. The reason why I'm sharing what I think is a condensed version of my driving story is just to show my readers that having patience is something you need to learn and adapt too. I thought that God wasn't on my side and didn't want me to be on the roads. I always felt ready for a pass and told myself that this is my time and each time I took a test, I was proven otherwise. Sharing this story has allowed me to come to terms with learning to wait until the time is right. I'm an extremely impatient person and now I'm learning to work on this so it works out in my favour for the future.

I wasn't ready to pass clearly and I had to finally let that sink in. Sometimes in life, you need to learn to accept when the time isn't right. I ending up doing so and on the day of my test, I was pleasntly surpised when my driving examiner handed me my pass certifacte. What I've learnt is that sometimes you need to leave certain sitatuions alone and let them sort themselves out. I kept pushing to book my test thinking that I was ready to get on the roads and the outcome of me being too eager and having no patience ended up me taking 3 years to get my license. What I'm basically saying is that the waiting game is the best game to play. Now I'm waiting to secure my car so patience really is vital because getting the train really sucks!

"My adventures await."


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    1. thanks! me too, next thing is securing a car so that's a work in progress atm :)

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