The Power of Blogging.

It's very easy to underestimate blogging and to pay it no attention. I get this. A lot of people ask me why I blog and the reason is because I like it. It's a platform for me to verbally voice out everything that runs through my head. I blog for me and anyone out there wanting to hear what I have to say.

Don't let your failures overcome you.

I found myself staring at my laptop screen 10 times longer than I usually do when trying to start out a blog post. This post, in particular, made me think about certain times in my life where I really allowed my failures to takeover and completely knock me down.

Ready. Set. Drive.

For a while now, well no... in fact, I always knew that I wanted to blog about me passing my driving test as it is a monumental thing that I have finally achieved in my adult life. The only issue with this is that I thought I would have passed my driving test in the year I started driving which was 2014. Oops? Yeah, this post is a bit of a story so have fun reading 😇.

March Motivation.

Easter is really around the corner and as we've already entered into the month of March, there are a few things that I need to do in order to motivate myself before I go on Easter break. Let's be honest guys, I've really been sleeping on the job lately and it's not good. I apologise for this failure.