Social Skills we all should have.

Being social is a very important factor to obtain in life. I am an extremely social person. I love networking, meeting new people, making work connections and creating opportunities for myself. Staying connected is important as the career choice and field that I want to enter requires social interaction. I can't imagine myself not using this skill as it would be such a wasteful thing to do.

Going to university has definitely boosted my social skills. By becoming a student ambassador this job gives me so much interaction with all types of people. The majority of the time it's college students scoping out my university to see if it's for them, but this job ended up introducing me to my other employer which is being an NCS Team Leader. I've learned a lot of my social & networking skills through uni and mainly just by observing others when I first started my student ambassador job.

Make a good first impression;
This is extremely important. The first thing you do when meeting someone new is introduce yourself. They will always remember you by your initial introduction so make sure you're prepared. I usually start the conversation by asking "hi, are you alright?". For me, this is the best thing to do as I'm beginning the conversation with making sure that if there is anything they need me to help them with/do, I'm available to do so (this one is aimed at being a student ambassador btw).

Engage in conversation;
In regards to making a good first impression, you need to hold the conversation. Everyone hates those chats when someone says hello and then doesn't follow through with anything else afterwards. It's hard to give an example to you guys via written text, but I'm sure everyone understands what I'm trying to say. Have a small plan on what you aim to say, a flowing conversation is key when talking to the public.

Make contacts & exchange details;
When the conversation is coming to an end and you've discussed a few opportunities that might suit your taste. GRAB THOSE DETAILS. Don't waste anytime time as when the conversation ends just slip across your personal details or simply just ask if you can grab their details if you don't want to give yours out. Not only does this show genuine interest, but it gives you another chance to strike up another conversation later on that could lead to future opportunities.

Secure a follow up future conversation;
This is depending on who you're talking to. I went to an event at the Houses of Parliament just over a month ago and at the end of the event there was a networking hour after the event which was something that I needed to grab hold of. Luckily for me, I had a conversation with someone that I would like to be working with in the future so naturally I stuck up a conversation with this person. Long story short, I grabbed a business card from him and dropped this crucial line at the end of our conversation - "So I'll send you an email later on so we can continue discussing this opportunity further is that okay?".

Every day is a new social opportunity. It's just about making sure that it's yours and not someone else's.  

"It's not about who you know, it's about who knows you."

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