Dealing With & Overcoming Negative Thoughts.

I've gone through a lot. I've realised that in the last few weeks when I write about my negative experiences these are the strongest battles that I've faced. I know I'm not the only one who has gone through similar situations and by sharing my story allows me to continue progressing and to understand that this is what made me who I am today.

It's quite obvious as to what this post will consist of. Lately, I've just had the courage to share more about my personal life and regardless of how dark this subject may be, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Negative thoughts aren't something that I tend to have as frequently as I used too, but I've come a long way as a few years ago I would not be able to say that statement as proudly as I do so now. When one thing gets you down, then followed by a lot of failed plans it's pretty easy to cloud your mind and judgement with negativity. Your thoughts are such a powerful weapon, remember that.

The amount of 'down days' that I'd have gone through around the age of 18 became extremely worrying. I started to pick up on bad habits that I would do when I wasn't having a good day. Something in my head told me not to eat, not to talk and to just disconnect from reality. Now looking back on this, I still don't know what stemmed me to complete those actions but I did it anyway. People tend to forget how powerful your mind is. As a social person that I am today, switching off and isolating myself from my friends and family is definitely something no one would picture me doing. I think about this now and it still doesn't sit right with me. I remember the nights I'd be in bed with my headphones in and my music as loud as it could go, I'd lay there still and motionless listening to my mind go on and on about everything that has gone wrong. It makes me feel ill thinking about how low I once was, but how I am now is because of those terrible nights. I needed to learn how to build myself back up again because I wasn't me anymore.

I'm at that stage where I know how to deal with something not going to plan. Dealing with negativity isn't something that happens overnight, in fact, for me, it took some years to finally grasp it all. It's all about self-belief and how you view yourself as a person. I knew that I was better than this and that there was hope for me to get out of this hole that I dug for myself. There were many days where I basically gave up and had to start again, but the day that I told myself no and didn't use the easy way out was the best thing to happen to me. The woman I am today is not the woman I was all those years ago. I still relapse here and there, but this time around I'm prepared to power through it and gte myself back to "normal" again. I'm forever looking forward to the day that this all ends for good.

Time is key when you want to remove negative thoughts. This isn't something that requires a quick fix or needs to be rushed. Regardless of the person that you are, you are able to get out of thinking this way.

"A negative mind will never give you a positive life."


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