Social Skills we all should have.

Being social is a very important factor to obtain in life. I am an extremely social person. I love networking, meeting new people, making work connections and creating opportunities for myself. Staying connected is important as the career choice and field that I want to enter requires social interaction. I can't imagine myself not using this skill as it would be such a wasteful thing to do.

Dealing With & Overcoming Negative Thoughts.

I've gone through a lot. I've realised that in the last few weeks when I write about my negative experiences these are the strongest battles that I've faced. I know I'm not the only one who has gone through similar situations and by sharing my story allows me to continue progressing and to understand that this is what made me who I am today.

Having the Strength to Walk Away.

Ever seen someone you was once close to walking right next to you, your stomach drops and your heart pumps but you DON'T say hello... instead you walk away as quickly as possible hoping that they don't see you too? No, just me? Yeah, this happened a few weeks ago and it's shocking how I'm only just putting this out now. It's worth the wait so all is fine 😉.

A letter to my [future] King.

Back in June 2016 to be exact, I wrote a letter to myself and found it truly an inspiration to read back on a few weeks ago. As I currently don't have a king (bf) - wasn't aiming to plug that I'm single but this honest lifestyle has to be kept 100% -  anyway I wanted to take the time to write him a little letter in order for us both to be on the same page before meeting one another. I do hope you find this and if you don't, I'll happily show it to you when I think you're ready to read it 😚.