Stress, Anxiety & Feeling Lost.

I'm sure we've all been there at one point. No? Good, because I wouldn't wish these feelings on anyone. This is something that I've dealt with pretty well, in fact TOO well. To me, stress is that friend we all have who we secretly hate. You only keep them around because you need some form of a reality check to keep you going, but they don't remind you in the nicest of ways. Anxiety and feeling lost are both placed in the same boat but have two completely different outcomes of delivery.

As previously stated, I'm very familiar with all three of these controversial traits that we all tend to pick up at some point in our lives. You know when people say stressed is my middle name yeah it may aswell be my first name. I stress out about pretty much everything. It's not good at all as I am a horrible over-thinker and those two combined are just dangerous. I stress out about uni, finances, my health... you name it, I've worried about it. if you've picked up by now this paragraph is about stress and the other two will follow with anxiety and feeling lost. Stress can make me mentally unwell if I let it take over and this may sound like an exaggeration but it isn't. No one likes stress so it's nice to know I'm not alone in this. Coping with this comes with its difficulties. Being a uni student, an employee of multiple jobs and the sole manager of ALL my finances (rent, bills, phone etc) it is somewhat easy to get lost in the sauce. However, I get on with it. Even though I complain, freak out, worry at the end, it all gets done. I don't think I'll ever live a life without stress but I'm learning to adjust to it and to make it work for me and my life. Maybe one day it won't be as effective as it is now and I finally begin to feel a completely different way.

We all know my story with anxiety. If you're new here and you haven't got a clue, look at this post first just to understand before you continue reading this one. So, my old friend. How you been? I don't know why I'm asking but I thought I'd switch it up a little. Everyone is going to be so surprised but IT'S ALL BEEN SO GOOD LATELY. I'm not being extra when I say this but I can't remember the last time I've been riddled with anxiety. It's been so long since the last time (which I can't remember also) love that continuity Tomi. I cannot begin to describe the feeling that I've gained from this. Thinking back, it's probably because I'm home for "Christmas" - yes Christmas is over I'm aware and yes I'm back at uni if you didn't know, this was written 2 weeks ago - that I've not been anxious. This makes me want to stay home and not return to uni, but we all know that can't happen. I need to face whatever may come headstrong because the way I feel now, I haven't felt in a long time. I finally understand why I'm hesitant on going back as I don't want to have my anxiety re-appear again, but I've got a degree to finish so there's no other choice but to go back.

Feeling lost isn't as prominent as the others, but when it's there - it's there. The one time I truly felt lost was when I pretty much gave up on everything. It was one of those weeks where everything was going wrong and I didn't know how to bounce back from it all. I remember the feeling, but not what happened so I can't talk much about that experience. It's a dark place that I wouldn't recommend anyone to visit. No one should have to ever feel the way I did, but there are millions of people out there that feel way worse than I did. That upsets me. Coming out of feeling lost is quite hard to do. In order to do so, surround yourself with people that understand the situation that you're in and people who are willing to pull you back up to your old self again. It takes a while to feel 100% again, but in due time you'll get through it.

It's safe to say that I've been through a lot and I'm still going through the most. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The outcome at the end is all worth the wait. This I cannot stress enough. When you feel like giving up, don't. Power through with all your might, however hard it may be, you can do it. It may burn you, you may feel like all has gone wrong and there's nothing else you can do. This is the moment you look up at yourself in the mirror and say yes I can. There are days like that everyday for someone else, don't let that person be you - fight back and win the battle.

"If you're still trying, you have not failed."



  1. Treating excessive anxiety and other mental health conditions is easier to do in the beginning than when symptoms worsen. So, call your doctor or psychiatrist immediately if you feel anxiety is too excessive and interfere with everyday activities including work, school, or your social life.
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