New Year, Now What?

The video above pretty much covers everything that I was going to put in this blog post so watch this first and then check out my written version below. Sunshine has PROGRESSED on YouTube so much within 2016 and will continue to do so all throughout 2017. I wanted to not only plug her on my blog but to also share her wise words with you all - enjoy 😚.

After watching this video, I took the time to sit down and begin to make plans for 2017. The crossover period from 2016 to 2017 is only 24 hours, so in that time-frame, the question I asked myself was how am I going to plan my 2017 in such little time? First things first, I told myself that I'm not going to change. I never aim to change after each new year so just saying this to myself was a gentle reminder that I'm fine the way I am. I dislike when people proudly post "New Year, New Me" because why is it the start of the new year is when you want to change? I never found the point of this, bit of a silly trademark tbh.

Goal planning is something that motivated me for most of 2016. I love to pre-plan everything and anything if possible. Sitting down and planning my goals for 2017 proved difficult as I attempted to try to plan from January all the way to December. Goal planning is something that won't stop until you've completed your goal in my eyes. All goals can also be modified so I'm curious to see how much they might have changed by the time December comes back around.

2016 wasn't the best of years, but believe me, we've had way worse. I took a few L's but apart from those 2016 proved extremely beneficial for me. I think we all needed a bit of a knock down to realise our full potential. I'm never usually this excited about the new year, but moving into 2017 has got me wanting to push, work, strive 10x harder than I've ever done before. Why? I don't know yet, I just got this feeling that 2017 is going to be MY year and whoever else claims the same.

Every year I always spend New Year's Eve in church with my family. On Saturday, the church service touched me in a way words can't describe. I've cried in church before and only do so when I've really taken in the message that has been preached or usually it's a gospel song that makes me shed a tear based on who's performing it. Although, this cry was different - a good different. Never have I cried before the clock strikes midnight. As I was counting down the last 10 seconds of 2016 I felt as if God himself whispered in my ear "Think of all you've achieved this year..." and low and behold, the floodgates were open. I felt SO proud of myself in those last moments and crying was the only way that I could finally accept all my achievements. I've never taken the time to congratulate myself for all that I have done and I needed to look back at my progression one last time before I entered 2017.

Tough times are inevitable and we will face some in this year, prepare yourself. I know we shouldn't enter the new year thinking like this but I'd rather prepare myself for any battles that I may be facing rather than acting like the entire year from January 1st - 31st December is going to be amazing 24/7.

'Dark days lead to a brighter beginning'.
One YouTuber that I watch stated this and I just sat back and took in every. single. word. 

A lot of us forget to remember that good does come after bad. There have been many times where I've had such a crappy day and in that moment, most of the time, the thoughts that are running through your head are things like "why me?" or "everything bad happens to me". You are NOT alone. It happens to the best of us, HOWEVER, it's how you build yourself up from this shows your character and how strong you are. I wish the best for everyone in 2017. The time has come for us to clear our mind and hearts from everything that stopped us from reaching our full potential. It's time to renew yourself and not only start again but to continue your journey on a different pathway that has been created for you and only you.

"This is the beginning of anything you want."


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