Stress, Anxiety & Feeling Lost.

I'm sure we've all been there at one point. No? Good, because I wouldn't wish these feelings on anyone. This is something that I've dealt with pretty well, in fact TOO well. To me, stress is that friend we all have who we secretly hate. You only keep them around because you need some form of a reality check to keep you going, but they don't remind you in the nicest of ways. Anxiety and feeling lost are both placed in the same boat but have two completely different outcomes of delivery.

Be The Change.

"All you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything. Only change yourself if you want to change the world around you."

You wouldn't believe the number of times that I've heard those words in the last few years. Regardless of how many times I've heard them, they still make me want to change many things that went wrong in my life. Change is good and extremely useful to include in your life. To say I've changed over the years is true, I wouldn't stop you. However, I know I've changed for the better, but not all can say the same 👀.

No one tells you how to be Single again - why?

So glad that I've finally had the courage to post this on my blog. I'm not asking for an information pack, but a rough guide to dealing with the aftermath of a mutual break-up would be handy if it was available. I've avoided talking about this subject for a while because I'm a lil' sensitive when it comes to relationships, but I can't keep my thoughts from you all anymore. It's time to admit that I've been struggling, quite a lot in fact.

New Year, Now What?

The video above pretty much covers everything that I was going to put in this blog post so watch this first and then check out my written version below. Sunshine has PROGRESSED on YouTube so much within 2016 and will continue to do so all throughout 2017. I wanted to not only plug her on my blog but to also share her wise words with you all - enjoy 😚.