Focus on YOURSELF.

As the new year is just around the corner, focusing on myself is going to be my number one priority.

AmsterDAM. Yeah.. I enjoyed myself.


Rounding up the year.

Wow 2017 is really coming to an end. Am I prepared? No clue tbh 2018 sounds exciting though.

Tired, Worn Out & Drained.

Following on from my last post, the title of this one pretty much explains everything.

You'll Get Through This.

If someone is going through a hard time right now, have a read of this post.

22 Going On.. Well 22.

I turned 22 and I don't feel any different?

Sorry for Ghosting (again).

It's been a month guys, a month.


I did plan to write this post before graduation, but sometimes things don't go to plan - oops.

It's Been a Pleasure.

I had the opportunity to write a blog post on my company's website about my time being an NCS Programme Intern. Thought I would also share it on here 😌.

When to Admit Defeat (good reasoning).

I had to put the words good reasoning just to let everybody know that this is a positive post and it's not as gloomy as the image suggests. Admitting defeat doesn't sound like a good thing, but think of it as being the bigger person and backing down or knowing when you're facing a battle you can't win.

Once a Cheerleader, Always a Cheerleader.

Yeah, I haven't blogged about cheer in a LONG time. Let's change that.

What's Next?

What IS next? Who knows, the world is my oyster.

I advise you NOT to waste my time.

I'm surprised that I haven't blogged about this sooner.

I felt like quitting (and almost did).

Yeah, so I almost came to the decision to take down my blog. This is something that I've worked SO HARD for and I literally just feel like I can't get back into it. That's until I had a FaceTime call from my unofficial cousin who put me back in my place oops.

Post-University Life.

Where do I even begin?

Being alone with my thoughts isn't the best.

This post was originally created on Sunday 2nd July. Everything that I've written in this post really happened and has not been created for views. I shouldn't have to justify myself but as I'm posting this at such a later date it makes sense to do so. I fought with myself in regards to releasing this but the world needs to know the real me. Hope it doesn't make you too worried... I'm doing much better now if you wanted to know, anyway I'll let you get to it. Thanks.

Just a quick one.

Just a quick one. That's all this will be. Don't think I've forgotten about blogging, in fact, I've been so bored this entire week that I really could have posted about 4-5 blogs but of course, I get my spur of motivation on the last day of this week. Typical me tbh, but hey at least I got one out 😅.

Struggling to get by.

As you're reading this just know that this is hard enough for me to piece together and publish this post and to let you guys in on how I've been feeling the last few months. Physically, mentally and emotionally I haven't been coping very well and it's started to affect the quality of my blog posts.

Dealing with Insecurities.

Everyone has an insecurity. If you say that you don't have one, you're either unaware of it yet or you're lying. Harsh, but true. For me, I have three major insecurities that I am fully aware of and know how much they affect me. If someone talks about them or brings them up I'll easily shut it down and hope that I don't have to discuss why I feel so insecure about these things.

Taking Risks.

If you know me personally, I take risks once in a while and I'm not exaggerating when I say this as I try to plan out everything that I do so doing something different stresses me out. I'm not a fan of risking my day-to-day actions in the hopes of gaining something better in the long run. It's just not in me to do it, but thinking about the times that I have taken risks, luckily I can say that some have paid off.

Friendship First, Relationship Second.

It's quite obvious and clear what I'm about to talk about. Friendships should always come before the relationship - point. blank. period. It's vital to secure a solid friendship before anything progresses. Surely you want to know who the person truly is before they become your S.O?

Maintaining Financially Stable at University.

Money is something that I speak about on a daily basis whilst at uni. It's something that is a motivator but can also be a massive distraction and overall pain in the butt. I work to get my money, I haven't lived off the bank of Mum & Dad since I was around the age 14. This is still a massive achievement for me as not everyone my age can stay this as boldly as I can.

The Power of Blogging.

It's very easy to underestimate blogging and to pay it no attention. I get this. A lot of people ask me why I blog and the reason is because I like it. It's a platform for me to verbally voice out everything that runs through my head. I blog for me and anyone out there wanting to hear what I have to say.

Don't let your failures overcome you.

I found myself staring at my laptop screen 10 times longer than I usually do when trying to start out a blog post. This post, in particular, made me think about certain times in my life where I really allowed my failures to takeover and completely knock me down.

Ready. Set. Drive.

For a while now, well no... in fact, I always knew that I wanted to blog about me passing my driving test as it is a monumental thing that I have finally achieved in my adult life. The only issue with this is that I thought I would have passed my driving test in the year I started driving which was 2014. Oops? Yeah, this post is a bit of a story so have fun reading 😇.

March Motivation.

Easter is really around the corner and as we've already entered into the month of March, there are a few things that I need to do in order to motivate myself before I go on Easter break. Let's be honest guys, I've really been sleeping on the job lately and it's not good. I apologise for this failure.

Social Skills we all should have.

Being social is a very important factor to obtain in life. I am an extremely social person. I love networking, meeting new people, making work connections and creating opportunities for myself. Staying connected is important as the career choice and field that I want to enter requires social interaction. I can't imagine myself not using this skill as it would be such a wasteful thing to do.

Dealing With & Overcoming Negative Thoughts.

I've gone through a lot. I've realised that in the last few weeks when I write about my negative experiences these are the strongest battles that I've faced. I know I'm not the only one who has gone through similar situations and by sharing my story allows me to continue progressing and to understand that this is what made me who I am today.

Having the Strength to Walk Away.

Ever seen someone you was once close to walking right next to you, your stomach drops and your heart pumps but you DON'T say hello... instead you walk away as quickly as possible hoping that they don't see you too? No, just me? Yeah, this happened a few weeks ago and it's shocking how I'm only just putting this out now. It's worth the wait so all is fine 😉.

A letter to my [future] King.

Back in June 2016 to be exact, I wrote a letter to myself and found it truly an inspiration to read back on a few weeks ago. As I currently don't have a king (bf) - wasn't aiming to plug that I'm single but this honest lifestyle has to be kept 100% -  anyway I wanted to take the time to write him a little letter in order for us both to be on the same page before meeting one another. I do hope you find this and if you don't, I'll happily show it to you when I think you're ready to read it 😚.

Stress, Anxiety & Feeling Lost.

I'm sure we've all been there at one point. No? Good, because I wouldn't wish these feelings on anyone. This is something that I've dealt with pretty well, in fact TOO well. To me, stress is that friend we all have who we secretly hate. You only keep them around because you need some form of a reality check to keep you going, but they don't remind you in the nicest of ways. Anxiety and feeling lost are both placed in the same boat but have two completely different outcomes of delivery.

Be The Change.

"All you can change is yourself, but sometimes that changes everything. Only change yourself if you want to change the world around you."

You wouldn't believe the number of times that I've heard those words in the last few years. Regardless of how many times I've heard them, they still make me want to change many things that went wrong in my life. Change is good and extremely useful to include in your life. To say I've changed over the years is true, I wouldn't stop you. However, I know I've changed for the better, but not all can say the same 👀.

No one tells you how to be Single again - why?

So glad that I've finally had the courage to post this on my blog. I'm not asking for an information pack, but a rough guide to dealing with the aftermath of a mutual break-up would be handy if it was available. I've avoided talking about this subject for a while because I'm a lil' sensitive when it comes to relationships, but I can't keep my thoughts from you all anymore. It's time to admit that I've been struggling, quite a lot in fact.

New Year, Now What?

The video above pretty much covers everything that I was going to put in this blog post so watch this first and then check out my written version below. Sunshine has PROGRESSED on YouTube so much within 2016 and will continue to do so all throughout 2017. I wanted to not only plug her on my blog but to also share her wise words with you all - enjoy 😚.