Consistency Vs Content.

This is usually something that I don't have issues with, but due to being in my final year at uni I'm really struggling to get my blog posts out every Friday. Don't get me wrong I'm loving the content that I'm producing more than ever but I feel as though I'm just trying to make my deadline of Friday afternoon posts rather than sharing the topics that I truly care about. Is this just me or?

As a creative, I'm always constantly thinking and thanking God that I have never suffered from a really bad mental block that prevents me from writing. However, regardless of this I feel as if I'm not keeping up with other bloggers that I know and follow by not publishing "a lot of posts". Sounds a bit silly but one blogpost a week doesn't seem like a lot to me whereas someone else may think that putting out weekly posts is a goal for them. I only have this issue with myself because when I first started blogging I was posting 5 days a week. It's crazy to think about how much effort I had put into my small-scale blog back then compared to now.

Watching other bloggers publish their content on their page is great but also low-key frustrating. I say this because I want to be a prominent blog poster but I can't because uni comes first and that makes me a tiny bit sad inside as I have so much faith in my little blog to blow up and become bigger than what it is today. I've begun to realise that reading up on bloggers has started to mess with my content progression. Consistency is key to have, but when it's gone it's gone and I'm beginning to understand that it's okay to not be uploading every week like I plan too. Being a creative is hard because there is competition EVERYWHERE so not posting regularly makes me feel like I'm disappearing when in reality I'm really not. Get a grip girl 🙈.

All things happen in due time and I just gotta start taking this on board. Creating my posts in my own time is fine and that's what's most important. I just need to tell myself that taking my time is the way forward. Who am I rushing for? I think I've pretty much concluded that content is better than consistency so if you see that I'm not posting every Friday it just means that my blogpost just needs a little bit longer before releasing to the public! Thanks for understanding x

"If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it."


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