Being the "Go Ask Her" girl SUCKS.

I mean the title says it all.

It's true I hate it. It does more than suck but foul language is non-existent on my blog so 'sucks' will be my word for today. I don't mind people messaging me asking for help, but when we do not talk as friends on a regular basis this kinda crosses the line in my eyes. I have a solid group of friends when it comes to the degree that I'm doing and if they ever asked me anything I wouldn't think otherwise when it comes to helping them out. HOWEVER, other people who do the same degree as me & don't know anything about me think it's okay to pop up and expect me to help them out with their work - which the funny thing is, I always end up helping them sigh.

I'm trying so hard to not let this progress into a rant purely because I've sadly let that negative energy touch my blog and now I really want it to leave, like bye Felicia. Anyway, yeah as much as I love helping others when people abuse that help for their own benefit really gets on my nerves. A lot of people forget that I'm studying exactly the same as they are so whatever you're confused on, I'm probably confused also, I just happen to figure it out quicker than you (no shade). I also stress about our deadlines and just as soon as I get on top of my work (barely) the messages come pouring in.

I tend to forget that I'm in university and this was bound to happen. Everyone has their struggles and needs help, I just happen to be their first point of contact. Tbh I need to think about this in a different light. People are actually coming to me for help with their work. Back in school Tomi when you were getting your D's & E's no one would dare ask you for help so right now I should be extremely grateful for being recognised that I work hard at uni. Now I feel better lol.

I guess that's a good way of turning a negative into a positive.
Have a good week kiddos, see you next week Friday ❤️.

"You can do anything, but not everything."


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