2017 I got plans for you.

I haven't done a blogpost like this in a while but, as the new year is only two days away I've wanted to share my plan that I have created that I aim to achieve within 2017. I feel a bit rusty doing one of these ngl, as it's been some time but it's good to re-include some of my original content on my blog. Let's get it.

1. Vision Board.
I've been seeing quite a few of these around on social media lately and I've been heavily inspired to create my own one. Keeping it real with you guys, I don't really want to publicise it once I've created it. I'm only saying this purely just to keep it “private” as sometimes I share too much and as these are personal goals of mine, I kinda want them to stay like that. That being said, if I achieve quite a few of them then, of course, I would want to share that will you all. I'm pre-writing this post early (as usual) so currently, I haven't created it yet. I'm looking forward to the final outcome of this!

2. UH Social Street Team.
I can't believe that this is finally taking place. If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen me tweet about this amazing opportunity that I have been given by my University. The UH Social Street Team is a bunch of individuals who have come together to present a student's perspective of what it's like to be at the University of Hertfordshire. Everything's still a work in progress at the moment but so far I have one published post on the uni's blog that I wrote - yay (you can read here). I'm so excited to watch this take off in the new year 😁😁.

It's the year that I graduate university and wow has time flown by. I'm shocked that my time is almost up and I feel like I haven't achieved as much as I wanted to but looking at my life from an outsiders view, I've done well. A number of opportunities that have been presented to me whilst at uni have been TOO MANY to keep track of. At the end of the day graduating is my end goal. Lord bless me with a 2:1 or higher so when the time comes for me to wear my cap & gown; I can milly rock my way up the stage and collect my degree, can I get an amen?

4.Passing my driving test lol (and buying my first car, that's right BUYING).
This is SUCH a story and I might share it on my blog or I might just keep it low-key cause I started driving lessons in 2014 - lol yeah it's true. 3 years later I'm waiting for God and DVLA to bless me with my driving license and I know that it'll be happening soon. Unfortunately, uni has played a big part in my driving test being delayed. Not only this but dodgy driving instructors, having to redo my theory test & having my driving test being automatically rescheduled due to crappy weather has also caused the delivery of my license. BUT I WILL KEEP ON GOING so someone pray for me, please.

5. My Future.
This is an ever-changing plan as so far I don't know what's in store for my future and how to get there but all will be revealed in due time. I'm excited to leave education and actually gain a full-time job. I wanna pursue a career that will create a stable future for myself because in the last 18 years I've always been told what to do and when to do it and now moving on from university and gaining a job gives me a better perspective on what I can do and when I can do it. Does that make sense? In my head, it does lol.

2017 is going to be MY year. Been speaking it into existence for a while now so it's bound to follow through. The possibilities are endless so as of now I'll be taking every single one that comes my way. Who else can say the same? There is no time to lose anymore, got to keep on job to get where you want to go. Those are my plans for 2017 - what's yours?

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."


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