2017 I got plans for you.

I haven't done a blogpost like this in a while but, as the new year is only two days away I've wanted to share my plan that I have created that I aim to achieve within 2017. I feel a bit rusty doing one of these ngl, as it's been some time but it's good to re-include some of my original content on my blog. Let's get it.

Thanking God for another Christmas.

When I write I'm thanking God, I really am. A lot of loved ones haven't made it to Christmas Day this year and I always count myself lucky that I have. 2016 has been quite a year. A lot has happened and I'm not looking to go into it all again, but I do want to sit back and take in everything that has happened within these last 12 months.

First and foremost, I'm alive and well. That was my New Year's resolution for 2016 and it will stay the same for the next new years to come. It's heartbreaking knowing that so many people will not be passing through to 2017 so I'm forever thankful that I happen to be one of the many people that do.

Giving 100% when I Receive 50%.

In the past 2 years, I've realised that I'm so quick to giving out 100% to someone when I don't receive it back. It's really started to dig at me lately because I get SO hurt when I've put in loads of effort towards someone and they've either just disregarded what I've said or taken in what I've said and haven't bothered to give me anything back (not like I'm expecting it but still it burns a bit). It's the second one that hurts me the most sigh. A lot of my friends and family know that I over care and I can't help it that's just my human nature. The question I ask myself on a daily basis is why do I keep letting people take advantage of me?

Being the "Go Ask Her" girl SUCKS.

I mean the title says it all.

It's true I hate it. It does more than suck but foul language is non-existent on my blog so 'sucks' will be my word for today. I don't mind people messaging me asking for help, but when we do not talk as friends on a regular basis this kinda crosses the line in my eyes. I have a solid group of friends when it comes to the degree that I'm doing and if they ever asked me anything I wouldn't think otherwise when it comes to helping them out. HOWEVER, other people who do the same degree as me & don't know anything about me think it's okay to pop up and expect me to help them out with their work - which the funny thing is, I always end up helping them sigh.

Consistency Vs Content.

This is usually something that I don't have issues with, but due to being in my final year at uni I'm really struggling to get my blog posts out every Friday. Don't get me wrong I'm loving the content that I'm producing more than ever but I feel as though I'm just trying to make my deadline of Friday afternoon posts rather than sharing the topics that I truly care about. Is this just me or?