The end of the year is coming.

Who would have thought that 2016 would fly by so incredibly fast to the point that I'm beginning to worry about what will 2017 bring in store for me. 2017 is going to be THE biggest year of my life as I'll be graduating university by then and finishing my life of education forever. Now that's a scary thought to think about if you're in my position of course.

With only just over a month left until the year is up, it's always a thing of mine to reminisce on what has stood out in 2016 for me personally. I want to look back on it and say that everything that I've done/gone through has been 100% worth it and so far it has been. I'm happy as to how everything has worked out for me during this year. It's been tough but I thank God for getting me through it all as some days I just wanted to give it all up, but thankfully I didn't.

It's time to appreciate what you have because every year isn't the same as the last and you're not entitled to have what you had last year carry on into the new year - understanding me? You have to work to keep up the same consistency that you're used to. Keep doing this so you can enjoy what you have and make it last. There's no point in thinking that you've got it all because this year has definitely taught me that the best things in your life don't stay around forever - period. Your life can change in a flash and not utilising this time can lead to so much regret. There are so many things I regret purely because I couldn't push myself to do it just because my fear of it all got in the way of a opportunity that came and then left my premises.

This year also taught me to stop being petty. It takes a long time for something to annoy me (depending on the circumstances of course) but when I'm annoyed, I then become petty. Being petty is stupid as it achieves nothing. You don't accomplish anything from it either so it is a complete waste of time. I didn't know how petty I could get until early this year and only until September came around was when I realised that this trait in my life needs to pack its bags and leave. Next year is a brand new start and there's no need to start the year with the same mentally that you obtained the year before. We're all grown ups here, it's time to act like one.

Throughout 2016 I've really started to finalised where I'm going once I leave university. Deciding my career and future goals is a big thing for me as I don't want to graduate and not know what my next steps are. There so many things that I haven't set for myself purely because I haven't encountered them yet, but I can feel it coming. For the first time in a long time, I've achieved A LOT of my personal goals which makes me smile from cheek to cheek. It's such an amazing feeling to have and if you haven't yet reached the goals that you've set for yourself, keep working on them as it'll all be worth-while in the end. Have faith in yourself.

As the year is coming to an end, don't forget to enjoy it. It doesn't matter that we're only one month away as that's still enough time to turn your year around. It's not over yet so don't panic. If you think that this is it and you're ready to move on into 2017, you're silly for doing so. Stay positive and wait it out because you never know what the next day or few weeks can bring you. Whatever you have gone through this year doesn't matter right now as there is still time for greater things to happen.

"Every end is a new beginning."


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