My thoughts on Love and what I believe it entails.

I love the thought & the overall idea of being in love.

Love is such a beautiful thing and if you ever encounter it, you'll know exactly what I mean. Family love and Relationship love are two completely different things. I'm not sure where I'm going with this at the moment, but I've wanted to speak about this for SO long guys you have no idea. I kept putting this blogpost off because I thought that this topic was too "deep" for my blog/viewers - silly me.

I've only been in love once and I can happily say that it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me (a lot of things have happened, but this is in the top 3 at least). I was in a really bad place around the age of 18 borderline 19 and because I had just recently moved away to Uni for the first time, I began to feel the full effects of being on my own. Luckily for me I had a solid family support system back at home to keep me going through the tough times that I was facing. Moving on. Yes, I happen to be one of those girls who fell in love and got into a relationship at Uni and honestly, I'm not a ashamed of it whatsoever. A lot of people frown upon finding a relationship at Uni as they see it as a waste of time but believe me when I say I wasn't looking for one, because I truly wasn't. Yet it found me and I was as happy as I could be.

Once becoming a girlfriend, I made the silly mistake of allowing my love life to be publicised on all my social media networks. I really wish I treasured it to just me and my significant other because I then felt the need to share EVERYTHING to everyone and to keep on showcasing how in love I was. I saw this statement on Twitter the other day - "Keep your relationship private, without keeping your partner a secret. There's a difference between privacy and secrecy.". Oh how I wish that I saw this online last year as I regret putting my love out there for all to see. I don't regret all of it as some memories I couldn't help but share, but it was my love that had found me and wasn't a type of love for the whole world to be apart of. Being naive and in a brand-new, 1st-ever relationship... everything excited me to an extent and I just couldn't shut up about having a boyfriend lol.

Love should be between 2 people and it should stay that way. I can easily say that the influences of couples via social media is what made me want to showcase every second that I had spent with my partner. I always had the urge to just post everything whether it being snapchats of us going out to dinner/cinemas/chilling to actual live tweeting things that he would say to me that I found hilarious - I done this one too many times. Since coming out of a relationship, I have completely opened my eyes and began to notice more and more couples who are still like this in this day and age. What do we have to prove by clicking the upload button when those memories that you are having should stay yours and yours only? Fair enough if your a celeb then your fans want too see that stuff. Cool. The more insta pictures the merrier, but to mutual friends of mine I just wanna tell you to put your phone down and actually pay attention to your significant other.

You'll only get this type of clarity that I have gained if you split up with your partner. The worst past is when you realise that telling all your family members why you're single when they ask about your previous relationship is THE most agitating thing ever. I wish I kept it on the DL man, I could have saved up so much time and energy. Anyway, back to my thoughts on love. It's wonderful, I love it and I most definitely miss it - a lot, well more than I expected. BUT and yes there's a but. I'm much happier with myself lately. In fact today (yesterday) I had another moment of clarity and realised that I haven't got time for a relationship kind of love in my life at the moment.

University is my number one priority right now, part-time work is pretty much number two up because I can't survive at Uni without money, even looking for graduate / full-time work for the future has already begun. So replacing that type of love with other plans for my future is not only helping me move on but allowing me to focus more on me which should always be my number one priority end of. This is a good place to end this topic on as I've just about covered everything that I wanted to talk about. You're entitled to love whoever you want, don't forget that guys ♡.

"You deserve love and you'll get it when the time is right."

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