Doing a Photography Degree... and then disliking it.

I AM TIRED of being told what my chosen career path should be based on the degree I'm studying. Just because I study photography does not mean I will be a photographer okay.

I already know that I can go on and on about this, so let me just summarise this for you all. It all started on my first week back at Uni. Fresher's week is always when I have my introductory lectures for the year. Usually, I don't take much from these lectures as our module guides are already uploaded on our university intranet and I tend to gain more information from reading those then my lecturer reading it to us out loud in class. So there's me, just sitting there not taking much in as I'm either reading along on my laptop or just catching up with my coursemates. Yes, I know it sounds bad that I'm not paying full attention as a 3rd year student on my first day back, but we get our module guides like a month before uni starts so I already know what's going down.

So there's this one lecturer that I have that just grinds my gears. I can't disclose much as I don't want to give out my lectures name so let's call him Sir for now. Only calling him sir because I don't want to write down a stereotypical white name to make jokes and if put down a black name it won't be as funny as I'd want it to be. So 'sir' welcomes us back to the year as all lectures do. Next thing you know, he's going on about the future and what steps we should take once we've graduated. Now as I'm all about sorting out a job for when I leave Uni, my ears popped up and the engagement that I had obtained to hear him talk was something that I've never experienced before. This is when I realised I had made such a massive mistake.

You guys should know by now that I study Photography and if you didn't well there you go. So sir blatantly begins to say "as a photographer you need to do this, this and that". "All summer, you should have been shooting all throughout and building up your portfolio". "You should be entering photography competitions weekly!". So I just sat there, taking in everything that he said and boy was I getting mad. I'm not even sorry, but at least 1/3 of the class want to move on from photography and go into a different career path. I know I certainly want to leave it behind and move into media, so where was our 'motivational' talk about switching career goals then? All I heard was someone forcing me to do extra work when photography is not what I want to do when I graduate and I still don't understand why they keep telling me otherwise.

I sat there like a mug thinking all of these thoughts and ranting to my coursemates on group chat. Why didn't I stand up for myself and others and say "No, this isn't what some of us want to do and we shouldn't have to be forced to listen to all this when we could be preparing for our future".  I'm upset to say it but Uni partially made me lose my love and passion for photography. I say partially because I picked up blogging and gained and interest in social media which pushed aside photography as content creating is what I have my heart set on now. Our lecturers need to remember that we're all not going to leave as photographers and to all that are going down a different career path, they need to cater for us too and not just assume that the name of our degree is what we'll be labelled as for the rest of our lives. I don't hate my degree, I dislike it (as you can tell by the name of the blogpost) but only because it is very limiting. I still have the strive to graduate but only because I know I'll finish my degree and actually begin to work in a career that I would love to get into. Keep it moving kids, you'll get to where you want to in the end. I know I will.

"Stay positive, work hard, make it happen."

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