#SupportTheMovement: FCTN.

» FCTN stands for all with a purpose of doing and the urge to do «

As you can see, this is something a little bit different to what I usually upload to my blog, but I'm always open to change so here we go! Today I'm going to be 'Supporting The Movement' and talking about my friend Cage's clothing line called FCTN.

FCTN is an abbreviation for Function. It is a brand or lifestyle which is inspired by the way people or things generally work in environments. The team behind the brand are Chris Satchell, JoJo Amissah, Cage Boons, Martin King and Bethany Gatsi. 

I'm quite intrigued by this brand as it is something different, yet out there. Currently on their website they have their branded hats available to purchase as you can see here. I wish I was a hat person otherwise I would have grabbed one myself. The photography is absolutely stunning. 10/10 to whoever captures the images for their website and Instagram page, as a fellow photographer I admire your work. Congratulations on capturing such beautiful aesthetics (which is also a key element to have when showcasing your own products).

In regards to the actual hat itself, the design is very simplistic which isn't a bad thing. I actually really love this type of style so they've done pretty well in my eyes. FCTN have more items in the making but alas I can't really review those items as they are currently in the 'coming soon' phase. So when it's out I'll be watching and possibly updating this post. Good luck with all of this in the future guys. I look forward to seeing all the new stock :)

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